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The Nano/Microelectronics-based Systems and Applications Cluster (mi-Cluster), is the first innovation cluster in Greece; since 2006, it has shown significant development in a number of performance measures. It is largely characterized by an intensive export orientation and the design of innovative products worldwide. Furthermore, mi-Cluster has attracted domestic and foreign investment and has contributed to the employment of highly skilled workforce with positive multiplier effects on entrepreneurship, innovation and the national economy overall.

Today, the mi-Cluster consists of the Industrial Association (HSIA), the Cluster Facilitator (Corallia), and more than 30 industrial members (large enterprises, SMEs, international design centers and start-ups). In addition to its industrial basis, over 50 members currently represent academia and research institutes, the finance sector, national and regional authorities, media, etc. promoting complementarity within the innovation ecosystem.


mi logo mainmi-Cluster's mission is simple and clear – through systematic and collaborative efforts of all participating members and with the solid guidance of Corallia as the cluster facilitator and the Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association (HSIA) – to create the ideal environment that will enable sustainable growth for the Hellenic Semiconductor Industry and as a world class cluster, to be recognized as an accountable player in the global market.

Strategic Goals

The primary strategic goals for mi-Cluster that have been issued by Corallia and the Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association (HSIA) are the following:

  • The continuous and sustainable growth of the cluster, the cluster members and establishing the industry in the global market.
  • Supporting and achieving entrepreneurial and R&D excellence as a powerful tool to develop innovative and competitive world class products.
  • Improving members' productivity and profitability.
  • Attract domestic and foreign talent to support and boost the industry.
  • Attract domestic and foreign investment for the industry.
  • Attract big multinational corporations to outsource and invest or to create design centers in Greece
  • Continuous training and knowledge growth for the cluster members
  • Creating economies of scale and scope to the benefit of the cluster members