mi-Cluster Industrial Member

Brite Solar is developing Solar Panel Technology based on Dye Sensitized Solar Cells, using new composite organic / inorganic lightweight nanostructured materials. Our semi-transparent solar cells are aimed to be used as solar glass walls, or windows, embedded in a building's architecture.

The patented Brite Solar's technology yields a solar module, which has similar performance to that of thin film solar panel at significantly reduced cost. Furthermore, the Brite's panel is semi-transparent and active even in the presence of diffused light on either side of the glass. The permeability to light and the possibility of harvesting diffused light makes these solar cells ideal for many applications such as building glass walls and windows, car sunroofs, all glass green houses, and highway sound barriers.

The production of the solar panel is done entirely using ink-jet printing which reduces significantly the manufacturing cost. We are using a solid electrolyte (patented) which solves chronic problems of long term reliability present in competing dye sensitized solar cell technologies.

The members of the executive team have international experience in the research of nanomaterials (Dr. P. Lianos, Dr. H. Stathatos ) and large scale manufacturing and global distribution ( Dr. N.Kanopoulos ).