The Cognitive Computing Machines and Embedded Systems (COMES) Group of the Laboratory of Electrotechnics (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Patras) specializes on providing Research and Development (R&D) and consulting services for organizations and companies of the public and private sector, in Greece and abroad. Its main research activities are on hardware synthesis and design and embedded systems development, in research areas such as: Data Analytics, Neural Networks, Real-Time Embedded Systems, Multi-sensor systems.

COMES personnel includes postgraduate and postdoc research engineers. Prof. Theodore Antonakopoulos is the scientific coordinator. The group’s research results are disseminated through publications/presentations in international journals and conferences. COMES undertakes competitive research projects in the above research fields, in cooperation with other Universities, research centers and companies. Among others, such collaborators are: IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, Hellenic Aerospace Industry, Ministry of Defense - Hellenic Airforce, FEL/TNO and GMD-FOKUS Institutes, INTRACOM, SIEMENS, ALCATEL, ATMEL Hellas, and the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization.