mi-Cluster Industrial Member

Dynesys S.A. is a new high-tech, market-oriented company, specializing in embedded plat-forms for secure M2M adaptive mobile communications in constrained environments.

The first product family of the company will bring up a sophisticated communications infrastructure, which is suitable for a secure and cost-effective asset control in inter-modal unitised transpor-tation. The targeted markets include those of specialized transportation within industries like car-manufacturing, chemical and food industries, etc.

The innovation of our products is based on adaptive wireless technologies, which follow the paradigm of the "Software Defined Radio" (SDR) technology, e.g. network self-organization, including secure group routing, embedded protocol adaptation, incorporating intelligent algorithms for resource negotiation and optimi-zation of power consumption.

DYNESYS S.A. is co-operating with international partners and al-so cultivates contacts with an international network of decision-makers all-over the world.