mi-Cluster Industrial Member

The company eConais is a pioneer service provider over Wi-Fi Networks. The services vary from advertisement to specialized information related to the location of the user, from trading to on-line reservation for place of user's interest and from data collection to area monitoring over the installed wireless networks.

The company aspires to provide the users of Wi-Fi ena-bled handheld devices with essential location based services while carrying out daily duties in the area of the network. Those information services are largely sponsored by entrepreneurs with activities in that area or organizations which are responsible for providing citizen's ser-vices, tourism information and on line news regarding the community where the network op-erates.

eConais is also specialized in low cost and low power embedded wireless networks de-vices which can be controlled by software applications running on network servers. In that way eConais provide turnkey solutions for applications like Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), moni-toring and generic data collection systems over wireless networks, taking advantage of existing wireless network infrastructure.