mi-Cluster Industrial Member

Fasmetrics is the first engineering company in the area of electromagnetic fields in Greece. It was established in September 2005 by electrical and electronic engineers with long experience in electromagnetism, radio electronics and telecommunications.

The company's headquarters are located in Volos, at the Technology Park of Thessaly and has offices in Athens. The company's main object of activity is the provision of services regarding the studies and meas-urements of electromagnetic fields of high and low frequencies. Measurements of mobile phones masts, television, radio and other wireless networks radiation, as well as stations and substations of Public Power Corporation, transmission lines of high and ultra high voltage are some of the measurements that we undertake.

The products that Fasmetrics offers in Greece and in the markets of Balkans and Cyprus are mainly products of specialized technology and data post-processing (hardware and software) that concerns GSM, UMTS, TETRA, DVB-T/H, WiMAX and GSM-R technology services providers.

Finally, the research and development of new products in the sectors of microelectronics and radio electronics, the production of spe-cialized measurement systems for electromagnetic fields, the development and optimization of methods of measurement and processing of the ingested sample constitute a very important part of our company's research activities.