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The Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A., commonly known by its acronym OTE, was founded in 1949 by the Greek State and is the biggest full service telecommunication company in Greece. OTE is one of the five biggest companies in the Greek stock exchange market and its stocks are negotiated in the New York and UK stock exchange market.

Since November 5th 2008, the Greek Government and the Deutsche Telecom Group hold 25% of the stocks plus an extra stock. OTE is currently the major public switched voice telephony provider in Greece and as such, operates an extensive network of cable, fibre and wireless technologies, providing access to a variety of telecommunications services. The group of OTE has more than 30.000 employees in 6 countries (Greece, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, FYROM and Albania). Re-search and Development: OTE runs an extensive in-house R&D program and has established co-operation with leading Greek academic institutions, research centres and the industry.

The company's primary focus is to be updated with the pace of technological advances in tele-communications, with great emphasis in the wireless and fibre communications sectors. OTE has identified the following strategic R&D directions, which are currently under heavy investigation: 1. xDSL technologies for fast Internet access and multimedia services, 2. Fibre technologies for carrier services and core network layout, 3. Broadband Wireless Access technologies to deliver services to fixed users in urban, suburban and, most importantly, across rural areas with low subscriber density. OTE's R&D department participates in many research projects in the seventh FP7 research project frameworks co-funded by the European Union.