mi-Cluster Industrial Member

ELESTO Technologies, founded in 2004, is based in Athens-Greece specializes in ITS, M2M/Telemetry, Broadband Wireless Networks and Sensor Networks. The company participates actively in a number of innovative (both R&D and commercial) projects in the field of Internet-of-Things, sensor networks and ways for retrieval, dynamic composition and use of sensor generated data.

Fields of applications include waste management, urban planning, sustainable urban environment, digital city services, emergency response, customer loyalty and analytics, fixed and mobile assets management and is now a recognized among the innovation leaders in Smart Cities, especially in Greece. TELESTO clearly stands out for its involvement in projects that incorporate a high degree of technical challenge and therefore require high expertise and innovative approach.

Its competitive advantages include the higher-level scientific profile of the staff, as well as the management skills allowing it to successfully take up all the phases of a project’s lifecycle (study-design-implementation-operation).