Prisma Electronics at “SHIP EFFICIENCY” THE EVENT 2015

Athens, 7 September 2015: Prisma Electronics will participate in FATHOM’s “SHIP EFFICIENCY” THE EVENT 2015, which will take place in Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London on 8th & 9th of September and Mr. Kostas Alachmanetis will be amongst the speakers to present “LAROS” Integrated "remote condition monitoring systems" for improving fleet operations.

LAROS System is Company’s spearhead product for the Maritime Industry. LAROS is a “complete remote monitoring management system using Wireless Technology and can be deployed to all Ship’s “Points of Interest” providing the Shipping companies with a powerful tool to reduce OPEX and improve operational efficiency.

Prisma’s value proposition tothe market is based on innovation, quality and support and that has been recognised by National& International customers.