Meazon wins extrovert award at the 8th IoT Connected World Conference

Friday, 12 February 2016: Meazon's Services Development Manager Ilias Bogordos was speaking at the 8th IoT Connected World Conference on the transition from smart home to smart living. Ilias captivated the audience by introducing new ideas on how smart metering & monitoring enables greater integration of applications we use in our daily life such as smart lighting, water, heating and airconditioning. Cloud applications bring a new era of living and Meazon is in the forefront of this change with its renowned disruptive metering technologies.

Being mainly focused in international energy markets, the company was ascribed an award for its profound extrovert characteristics. The award comes as a recognition of Meazon's strong stand within the fast developing and demanding world of cloud energy management. We are delighted to receive this honour!

8th IoT Connected World