Prisma Electronics at the 7th Hydra Shipping Conference

Hydra, 17 September 2016: Prisma Electronics was invited at the 7th Hydra Shipping Conference to introduce the “Infocentric Operations of ships”, a new model on ship performance management based on LAROS solution. The participants will explore tools and solutions offered to advance the maritime industry and facilitate the transition to the digitalization of shipping. The conference is organized by the Fraternity of the Athenian Hydriots and takes place at September 17th in Hydra, Greece. Registration opens at 10:00 and LAROS solution will be introduced at 12:35.

As the conference title “From Brig* to Autonomous ship” suggests, the fraternity aims to offer the shipping industry an insider’s view on the most innovative and advanced shipping tools and solutions. Industry leaders from technology industry, manufacturers, academics, institutions and ship-owners will participate in a productive dialogue, regarding the digitalization of shipping. During the conference the participants will exchange knowledge, share their views, understand the application of the new technologies and face the challenge of achieving measurable results.

“Any decision making inside a shipping company must be based on accurate and verifiable data and not just on feelings, instincts, or intuition”, stated Vice Admiral of Hellenic Navy (rtd) and LAROS Marine Operations, George Christopoulos and added “The ability to utilize data and obtain actionable knowledge, predictions and insights allows for continuous process improvements that result in optimal performance throughout the lifetime of assets.”

Mr. Giordamlis CEO of Prisma Electronics said “LAROS system is proven mature solution, with more than 200 installations on vessels. LAROS offers a holistic solution to the maritime market. The customers have online access to key performance insights of their ships in real time to raise performance awareness”.

Join the conference and meet with LAROS executives to discuss the LAROS unique features and design a custom solution for your vessels and fleet performance optimization.
* Brig: The dominant type of Greek ship of the 18th - 19th centuries, 250-350
More info - LAROS Solution: www.laros.co.uk Conference Link: www.aya.com.gr