Megaventory is the new mi-Cluster member

Athens, 24 April 2017: Megaventory is a tech company which has created a cloud ERP application targeted at small and medium businesses. The application offers the capability to manage stock, monitor orders from vendors and to clients, track production of finished goods from raw components and create a rich array of reports. Our product is ideal for companies with multiple points of interest (warehouses, shop fronts, clients, etc), multiple users each with their specific permissions and various distribution channels.

Megaventory is active in more than 40 countries around the world and the application is translated in 7 languages.

Mr. Dimitris Athanasiadis, Business Development & Marketing Manager , made the following statement: "We are honored that Megaventory is now part of Corallia's mi-cluster initiative and we want to warmly thank all its members that contributed to the approval. Through our participation, we hope for new ways of communication and collaboration with other cluster members and we are ready for the challenge."

Further information on Megaventory available here.