EMTech, a mi-Cluster member, is awarded an SME Instrument Phase 1 Proposal for "iReact-NG"

Athens, 28 August 2017: EMTech SPACE P.C., a mi-Cluster member, has been a constant supplier of energy efficiency, having designed, developed and installed its iReact product line in over than 150 power substations in the Greek transmission grid, handling peak loads near 2GWatt. Key performance indicators as yearly average of 8% power loss reduction and 14% released capacity, translate to millions of Euros saved both for the System Operator and citizens alike. A "Designed & Manufactured in Greece" label is seen next to equipment of industry giants like ABB, Siemens, GE, etc.

New challenges presented by Renewable Energy Sources penetration in the distribution grid, storage technology and flexibility schemes incorporating in the regulatory frameworks, press for innovative approaches that will pave a smooth path towards the long term goals for clean and secure energy. Moreover, disruptive technologies like Blockchain have the potential to transform the energy grid in a completely decentralized, transparent and secure form.

EMTech is restless in pursuing technology development, markets penetration and customer satisfaction. Borrowing on our software engineering heritage and expertise in spacecraft simulation infrastructures, we build new complex but robust intelligent PaaS systems that help System Operators maintain voltage stability, reduce power losses, prevent malfunctions and down-time of critical equipment and integrate renewables within optimized operation schemes.

The European Commission recognizes our efforts by awarding our SME Instrument Phase 1 proposal "iReact-NG" to perform a feasibility study that we are confident will strengthen our business plan for a new solely dedicated to smart-grids venture. In parallel, we are in the process of getting on-board System Operators from other EU member states for pilot installations and we are actively seeking funding for a five year growth plan. Our new headquarters in Metamorfosi, make us feel investment ready as never before and we are eager to represent the Greek CleanTech potential of a back-on-track wounded economy.